Obtaining a Passport


The procedures and instruction of obtaining a Gambian passport is as follows:


STEP: Each person applying for a Gambian passport most

Acquire a passport application form, from the embassy list below, fill and submit it to the passport cashier for payment with the sum of one thousand dalasis (1000.00).the fee is non refundable

And failure to furnish the required information in every respect may result in the issue of the passport being delayed, there you go for the normal procedures, if you are satisfy by the consuls general, you will advice to come back for the passport, this application form will be sent to the foreign affair and from there to the immigration office for the printing after the printing this passport will be sent back to the foreign affair to the embassy it origin. 

      I.  One must be a Gambian National

    II.   Both parent must be Gambian National

   III.   Or one the parent must be Gambian National



  If applicant is a Gambian citizen by birth:

    I. Birth certificate plus any additional supporting document.

   II. Old passport required for   replacements

If applicant has obtained Gambian Citizenship by Marriage

  1. Marriage certificate plus

  2. Certificate of Citizenship by Marriage


If applicant has obtained Gambian citizenship by Naturalization or Registration

 Naturalization or Registration Document must be attached to all application

          If applicant is under 16yrs.of age.

    I. Birth Certificate   or Documentary proof from parent’s Supporting    Document.

   II. LegalThe procedures and instruction of obtain the Gambian passport as follow:

       Guardian's con sent must be obtained by signing and indicating relationship



Apply for a driver’s license


All first time applicants of motor driver's license need to fill and submit a prescribed provisional license application form and be issued with a learner's license which extends for a minimum of 3 months. Fee for learner’s license is D100. Successful applicants at the end of the 3 months will be issued with a certificate of competence indicating the choice of vehicle grouping such as:
Group A Private motor car
Group B Motor cycle
Group C Commercial vehicle
Group D Motor vehicle of special type

Applicants for International driving license are issued in the following categories:

Group A Motor-cycles with or without a side-car, invalid carriages and three-wheeled motorvehicles with an unladen weight not exceeding 400 KGs or 900 LBs  

Group B Motor vehicles used for the transport of passengers and comprising, in addition to the driver's seat at most 8 seats or those used for the transport of goods and having a permissible maximum weight not exceeding 3,500 KGs or 7,700 LBs. Vehicles in this category may ber coupled with light trailer 

Group C Motor vehicles used for the transport of goods and of which the permissible maximum weight exceeds 3,500 KGs or 7,700 LBs. Vehicles in this category  may be coupled with a light trailer

Group D Motor vehicles used for the transport of passengers and comprising, in addition to the driver's seat more than 8 seats. Vehicles in this category may be coupled with a light trailer.

Group E Motor vehicles of categories B, C or D, as authorised above, with other than a light trailer
All foreign driver's license are valid for only 90 days. After that the holder needs to acquire a Gambian Driver's License
Residential Permit holders are not allowed to have commercial driver's license except where  clearance has been given by the Inspector General of Police. Such clearance is subject to renewal every year.    


The Gambia Biometric Identification System


The Gambia Biometric Identity System (GAMBIS) project is the world’s first integrated Biometric Identity Management System. Through this system, the Government of The Gambia will capture biometric details for all citizens and aliens in the country.


National Identity Card

Residential/ Work Permit

Driving Licenses

Biometric Data

What is biometric data?

Biometric data is derived from the unique formation of a part of the body of the applicant. Biometric data used by GAMBIS is thumb print based. Applicants are required to place both thumbs on a machine which records their unique imprint and matches them with other information about the applicant. It is an established fact that no two persons have identical thumb prints. Every thumb print is therefore unique and cannot be duplicated.

National Identification Number (NIN)

What is a NIN?

Your National Identification Number (NIN) will be listed on your printed card. This number is a unique identifier that is matched with your thumbprint. You should memorize this 11 digit number and be prepared to use it for many different transactions. To help you remember your NIN, the first six digits are made to be the same as your birthday. You must provide this National Identification Number to renew or replace your identity card.


In the future, the GAMBIS project plans to involve:



Birth Certificates

Marriage Certificates

Death Certificates