List Of Embassies & Consulate

Amerian  Embassy

Austrian  Consulate

Belgian  Consulate

Brazilian Consulate

British  High Commission

Chinese  Embassy

Co~te  d’ Ivoire Consulate

Cuban Embassy

Cyprus  Honorary Consulate

Czech Republic Honorary Consulate

Danish Consulate, Royal

European  Commission

French Consulate

German  Embassy

Ghanaian  Honorary  Consulate

Guinea  Bissua  Embassy

Hungarian  Consulate

Indian  Consulate General

Indonesian  Consulate

Italy  Consulate  Agency

I vory Coast Consulate

Japanese  Consulate

Korean  Republic  Consulate

Lebenese  Honorary  Consulate

Liberian  Consulate

Libyan  Embassy

Malian Embassy

Mauritanian Embassy

Netherlands  Consulate

Negerian  High Commission

Norwegian  Consulate

Pakistan  Honorary  Consulate

Palestinian  Embassy

Philipines  Consulate

Portuguese  Consulate

Royal  Denish  Consulate

Royal  Norwegian  Consulate

Senegalese Embassy

Sirra Leone High Commission

South Africa Consulate

South Korean Republic Consulate

Spanish Embassy

Swedish  Consulate

Taiwanes   Embassy - ROC

Thailand  Honorary  Consulate

United  Nation (mission)

United  Kingdom

United  States  of  America